Plush Pumpkin

bluegraygal Trio - Light

Light Blue Velvet Pumpkin Collection | exclusive to bluegraygal shop



Set your table with modern fall decor looks of light blue velvet pumpkins. These colors blend beautifully with current design of fresh and match the beautiful autumn air. These Plush Pumpkin colors are exclusively available at bluegraygal shop. 

Collection Sizes include:


    • 5" Powder
    • 6" Platinum
    • 8" bluegraygal
    • 6" Powder
    • 8" Platinum
    • 10" bluegraygal


    All orders over $75 include free gound shipping.

    This is an exclusive Plush Pumpkin only available here. Whether you want modern Thanksgiving decor, or traditional fall decor for your fall centerpieces these exclusive pieces will grace your home perfectly. Each Plush Pumpkin is meticulously handcrafted and features real stems, locally harvested from local farms. 

    Holiday Shipping

    Due to high demand, we recommend FedEx Overnight for all Thanksgiving Orders!